• The Gambia's Biggest Infrastructure Project
    It is a Partnership between The Gambia Investment & Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) and TAF Africa Global. The current development of 10-year project covering 160 hectares located in the Banjul International Airport is a mixed-use Business Park with a total estimated cost of $350 million.
  • Existing warehouses ready for rent
    With office space and other facilities. There are two (2) available warehouses of 1000sqm each and one (1) warehouse of approximately 250sqm for rent with all complementary services required.
  • Ongoing infrastructure works
    Water and Power are already available in addition to some primary roads and water reticulation systems for landscape. The development of the entire project is divided into 5 different phases. Phase 1 is currently ongoing.

A Public Private Partnership

The GIETAF Special Economic Zone is a 160-hectare mixed-use Business Park being developed through a public private partnership between the Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) and TAF Africa Global Limited (TAF).


A Tax Holiday in respect of income tax including corporate or turnover tax.
An annual allowance at the rate of 15% for depreciation of buildings including structural improvements.
Exemption from import duty in respect of capital goods in accordance with the Customs and Escise Act, 2010.
Exemption from import value added tax
Additional deduction from taxable income of 50% of training, research and product development costs.
Foreign ownership of investments.

GIETAF's districts

GIETAF Special Economic Zone is designed into four (4) complementary districts to ensure that owners, operators and workers in the Business Park can evolve in a live, work, and play community.

SEZ District

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a 61 ha space located within the bonded Customs secured area in the Southeast. In addition to being next to the airport airside, it has direct access to it. Access from Brikama Highway and Coastal road intersection is uninterrupted.

Commercial District

The 35 ha Commercial zone’s main objective is to provide, both The Gambia and the GIETAF SEZ, with supporting ancillary uses. It is located alongside the Brikama Highway at the periphery of the Coastal road.

Logistics District

The total surface dedicated to Logistics and warehouse Business Park is around 26ha, located in the north of the GIETAF SEZ. That area benefits from the exposure and visibility associated to the Airport road and direct access from Brikama highway.

Central District

The Central District is a 35ha area positioned within the heart of the development with a direct access from Brikama highway. It is isolated from the surrounding busy roads by development and makes use of the attenuation ponds and connected open areas for restoration and entertainment purposes.

Below is a showcase of the site boundaries of the Special Economic Zone, GIETAF. It is a draft of the architectural site boundaries as part of the proposed master plan.

The Features

Airside access

Continuous flow is assured in the SEZ with a dedicated bonded road connecting it to the airport airside operations. This allows optimal operations for the Fret forwarders and Import-Export actors.


A dedicated Customs staff ensures the security of goods and respect for national and international standards.


Each district of the GIETAF SEZ has a dedicated gatehouse to control access and to secure activities. Access to the Special Economic Zone will be strictly controlled with limited right of entry when necessary.

One Stop Shop

To facilitate daily operations and ease the way of Business in the GIETAF SEZ and in the Gambia at large, a service center is available. Multiple services will be provided from creating a business to running it in addition to further complementary services.


The utility area, situated in the south end of the SEZ, is mainly dedicated to power generation, solid waste management, wastewater treatment, maintenance, and refueling. The utility area also includes community facilities (religious) and public amenities (police and fire station) located near the residential zone.

Airport Hotel

Approximatively 1.5ha is reserved for airport Hotels.

Office Park

Around 4.34ha of the GIETAF SEZ are dedicated to office buildings.

Private Clinic

1.06ha is reserved for a private clinic with renowned medical specialists dedicated to the GIETAF SEZ populations. With direct access from the Brikama road, the clinic will also offer services to the rest of the country.

Private School

With the will to offer all necessary services to ensure efficiency in the zone and in order to take part in upgrading the educational system in The Gambia, the GIETAF SEZ will have a private school at the best standards.

Religious Facilities

The GIETAF SEZ is an integrated and inclusive environment that promotes each individual’s personal and religious worship with religious infrastructure within it


6.33ha are reserved for showrooms with maximum exposure and a prime position facing the Brikama highway.

Shopping Center

A shopping center with local and international brands is planned in the main commercial node at the prime intersection with the Coastal road.

Sport Complex

In complementarity to the residential zone and to promote a healthy lifestyle, a modern sports complex is planned and will be positioned between the commercial and residential zones.

Training and Educational Center

With a clear target to provide economic and employment opportunities, the GIETAF SEZ has a strong strategy for training and capacity building. The Training and educational center will act as a catalyst to create expertize in various specific sectors.


A clubhouse is planned in the residential zone in order to assure a dynamic and lively environment in the GIETAF SEZ.

Recreational Area

The recreational area of the GIETAF SEZ will be a family-friendly environment with modern amenities and entertainment for all ages.


Contact Details

Madiba Mall, Brufut Gardens
Estate, P.O. Box 121, The Gambia